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Traditional Martial Arts Training

Ages 15+, Adult




Our Skillz WARRIOR Martial Arts curriculum is a traditional training designed to develop strong techniques and understanding of concepts.  For 15+ and adults this is accomplished in a meaningful, fun way.  Whether a younger or 'more experienced' warrior, we focus on these four areas for this group's growth:



After high school, many adults experience a slow down in activity.  This is in part caused by the increasing demands of work-life, and the lack of structured physical activities such as physical education classes and team sports. Even more challenging, beyond the age of 25 our bodies begin to change: it takes more effort to see the same results.  While we may still enjoy physical activity, we tend to relegate it to the ever-decreasing free time category instead of making it a priority.

We expect our adult students to sometimes need extra help and encouragement when facing tough physical challenges.

The goal for our program is to get them to understand their potential if they remain consistent in training and mindful of the way their bodies feel at any given time.  We spend a little more time warming up, and a lot more time learning how to work not just harder, but smarter, with an emphasis on increasing health and overall fitness.


Adults can grasp every concept taught in a martial arts class, and have the benefit of their own experiences to measure by.  Their critical thinking skills are top-notch, but their decision-making skills are sometimes tempered by their mindset; life is no longer a game, and sometimes fears of failure can hold us back.

We expect our adult students to require proof, and to sometimes need to have things explained before they'll believe it.  We expect to encounter self-defeating thoughts, even in those with the keenest minds.

The goal of our program is to help our students see the bigger picture and apply their intellect in order to find solutions to problems in and out of the training environment.


We all enter into the martial arts school with a particular set of life experiences.  We have been hurt, we have felt joy, we have known fear.  These things can hinder our growth, or they can give us the foundation on which to craft a world-view full of wisdom and compassion.

We expect the efforts of our adult martial arts students to be based on the emotional moments of impact that have been experienced in their lives, even as far back as childhood.  This is true for emotions of both positive and negative impacts.

The goal for our program is to help them apply more powerful mindset tools to help see each aspect of themselves in a way that helps them to achieve new goals; using past joys and fears in a way that spurs growth rather than hinders it.


Confidence in the adult world is one of the key drivers of success.  Too little confidence and that promotion at work slips through your fingers, too much confidence and people are put off and your social life eventually lacks depth.

We expect our adult martial arts students to initially hold back if they are uncomfortable as a defense mechanism, or to push too hard trying to prove to themselves (or others) that they are capable.

The goal for our program is to help them excel at developing positive relationships, while also learning to step into leadership with ease.


Eight WARRIOR Skillz

Physicality     Foundation     Theory     Application     Dynamism     Proof     Mindset     Exploration


Helping the adult martial artist be the best they can be!





Traditional Martial Arts Training

15+, Adult