BASIC Skillz Martial Arts

Age-Specific Martial Arts Training

Ages 5 To 6 Years Old




Our Skillz BASIC Martial Arts curriculum is designed to develop 5 to 6 year old children in a meaningful, fun way.  We focus on these four areas for your child's growth:



They have the basic foundations for leg, arm, core, and abdominal development, but they still lack a lot of strength.  Our goal is to help them build good balance by not falling when kicking for high reps, show good control of their body while keeping it in motion, and demonstrate superior fitness by applying good technique to exercises beyond ten reps.


They are learning at a rapid pace, but typically have a hard time retaining information beyond three commands.  Our goal is to teach them how to demonstrate great focus by processing a large amount of information at one time and showing great memory by retaining four or more commands at once while staying in order.


They are still learning to regulate their emotions, and will act silly when they are nervous or excited.  Our goal is to teach them how to have discipline when working with their peers, and demonstrate confidence when performing under pressure.


They enjoy the spotlight, but tend to lack proper sportsmanship.  Our goal is to teach them how to have teamwork in competitive situations and show self-control when it's not their turn.


Eight BASIC Skillz

Focus     Teamwork     Control     Memory     Balance     Discipline     Fitness     Coordination


Help your child be the best they can be!