CORE Skillz Martial Arts

Age-Specific Child Development

Ages 7 To 9 Years Old



Our Skillz CORE Martial Arts curriculum is designed to develop 7 to 9 year old children in a meaningful, fun way.  We focus on these four areas for your child's growth:



They typically have weak fine motor skills therefore proficient technique is not quite there yet.  Our goal is to help them build great technique in their martial arts moves while applying speed and power as well as demonstrate above average agility by applying proper motion to movements without looking sloppy.


They are extremely bright, but they typically have a hard time concentrating during distractions.  Our goal is to teach them how to demonstrate great concentration by focusing on the task at hand despite other distractions.


They are wonderfully stable and love challenge.  However, they are just learning how to tap into their emotions.  Our goal is to teach them how to persevere through challenges, especially when they initially feel like giving up, and show courage by facing their fears when trying something new.


They love to interact with others, and enjoy the spotlight.  However, they can get frustrated when things don't go their way.  Our goal is to teach them how to address problems and challenges properly without interfering with the overall flow of the class and strive without the constant need for feedback from the instructors.


Eight CORE Skillz

Agility     Technique     Courage     Flexibility     Intensity     Perseverance     Speed     Concentration


Help your child be the best they can be!