How do you get a group of energetic, apathetic, unruly, fun-loving, ADHD, (fill-in-the-blank) 10 to 14 year old young adults to become laser-focused?

Tell them to start when they hear the word "GO!"...

... and then have some fun!

"Gocart!"  "Gopher!"  "Don'tGo!"  "Snow!"

On the first wrong word, almost everybody starts blasting that favorite drill.  Your helpers in the group who paid attention yell "He didn't say go!"  Everybody finally stops, laughs, and you regroup.

Then you try it again.  What do you think happens this time?

Somebody starts at the wrong word again and stops (probably sets up again).  A few jump then stop.  Some hold and are ready for that magic word.  You can hear a pin drop.


Think back, do you remember times being in this situation?  What was your feeling inside, what were your thoughts?

Like our EXTREME Skillz martial artists, you felt excited with anticipation.  The youth anticipate the reward of successfully waiting out their instructor.

(Or, with one such memorable incident with this age group, a student starts and completes the 10-count drill after hearing the wrong start word.  Many students: "He didn't say go."  Simon: "I know.  But I was really feeling it."  Good times!)

The one thing we all experience in this excited state is a release of dopamine in our brains. This neurotransmitter plays a role in how we experience pleasure.  We use this Trickery and it's positive effect on the brain to help a student build attention skills, intrinsic motivation, learning, and many other healthy benefits (1).

So, if you're watching our class, hear the instructor yell out a goofy word, and hear kids laughing, remember we're teaching kids the way they learn.  They're building focus, engagement and connection.


(1)  WebMD, What Is Dopamine?

(2), Brain Graphic


When is it most fascinating to see a group of kids laser-focused?  When it's your child in that group, growing to their greatest potential!  If you're interested in an activity for you or your child to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, and socially, then reach out to us about our child development classes.

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