Region 6 Dan Camp 2023 Poster


When:     June 2-4, 2023
Where:    Northeast Mississippi Community College
Who:       Region 6 WTSDA Members, 2nd Gup and Above


For the first time, this year's camp will include 2nd Gup (red belt) and 1st Gup (red/blue belt) students as well as Cho Dan Bo and Dan ranks.

It's an experiment designed to better prepare up-and-coming students for their Black Belt exam.  Depending on timing, this could be their one trip to camp before their Dan exam.  More than one trip in preparation for the Dan exam would be even better.

Eligible LMAC students, you or your parents will receive an email from me with specific information.  We all discussed the change and who could go at our Christmas party.

Region 6 website link:

It's time to start making decisions and plans.

Tang Soo!