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Monday, 20 August 2018 12:48

The 2018 Black Belt Clinic

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2018 Reg6 BB Clinic   JustusK   WEBAt the April Blackbelt Clinic, was a great time to learn new things such as Brazilian jiujitsu, the first sword form and much more.

training while in college   Ms Lawrence   WEBUnfortunately, training in martial arts is a hobby for most of us. We are not able to quit our day jobs to become professional martial arts instructors, as much as we might like to. Therefore, martial arts may take a backseat to other daily life things; it is also not uncommon for people to quit training because they get so busy with other things. I am a full time pre-med college student and am still continuing to train while in school.

Monday, 20 August 2018 10:36

2018 Gulf Coast Ki Gong Clinic

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KiGong Photo 2Gulf Coast Ki Gong was initiated as a means for like minded people to gather, study and spread their passion for a healthier, more mindful, way of life.
Monday, 20 August 2018 10:01

It's A Long Season

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worn baseball 1314396 640x480 WEBI never used to be a baseball fan. The number of games played per week boggled my mind and I could never keep up. Nor did I understand the lingo well enough to follow along (still not completely sure what a “balk” is). To top it off, it seemed like such a slow-paced game. So, yeah, I’d check scores every so often to see if my favorite teams were winning or losing. But beyond that, I couldn’t focus on the day-to-day schedules of the season. Soon I’d lose interest, and eventually just wait for football season to start.

That’s all changed in recent years, and now I understand the game better.


Ronald McDonald House Charities, Alabama                   





A great philanthropic effort, our Region 6 will start collecting pop tabs off aluminum cans to donate to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Alabama (RMH.)

Transformation Young Warrior 1 webSitting in a rocking chair, I’m watching several hundred TSD students, instructors, and masters warm back up from an hour long lunch break. They’re getting ready to go into the hour-long afternoon sessions of their choice. My boy, an orange belt, is reaching for the clouds by choosing Whip Staff with Mr. Dale and Staff Techniques with Mr. Best. I mean that by he is the lowest belt in each session.

Promoted Students Citing the Black Belt OathBaseball, soccer, dance? There was so much to choose from. What does a five year old want to do? So, I asked.

Friday, 21 April 2017 17:06

The Other Side of the Table

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Other Side   2017 MC 2nd Yr Candidates web   Ms Oyen

2017 2nd Year WTSDA Masters Candidates

In 2016, I was humbled to be selected as a Candidate for Masters Clinic. I had the honor to have worked as a volunteer for the clinic for the previous nine years.

Friday, 21 April 2017 16:33

50 years... it was only yesterday.

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Master McCarty Photo web

This is the first article in a series shared by Master McCarty on his history in martial arts, and in the World Tang Soo Do Association.


While at the Elberta Clinic, Mr. Bryan Hix approached me about writing a series of my history in Tang Soo Do. At first I really didn’t want to take the time to do this. But after some encouragement from a couple of my Black Belts I decided to give it a whirl.

Saturday, 20 August 2016 20:48

The Role of Imaging in Tang Soo Do

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Footprints In Sand wHow often have you said to yourself during a training session “if only I could do it like my instructor?” Obviously, you are paying great respect to the skills of your instructor but also importantly you are observing and creating a model or framework for imaging, or visually comparing your skills with respect to someone else. To image is to see yourself doing the skillful techniques of an accomplished martial artist in your mind and to actualize that image is to achieve its physical manifestation through your own repetitive practice.

Saturday, 20 August 2016 20:38

Growth of a Mentor

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Roots In Brick wMy earliest training in the martial arts was in 1970 with a high school Judo club. It was a brief period of training and I dropped out within a few months. Over the ensuing years I informally studied other martial arts and yoga but never found an instructor, nor even put forth any serious effort at finding formal training. Twenty years later, in 1990, after a construction injury I found Master Bill Strong teaching Tang Soo Do at the local YMCA. This event would permanently alter the course of my life.

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