School Owners

How To Get Your Students In The Database

This newsletter is one way we can serve our members. It helps tie your students to your school and to our association. It is imperative that you get all your students, or their parents, included.

To start, take the time to build a bulk file of all your students', or their parents', email addresses and names. Find the directions at this link:

Moving forward, new students' information can be included in several ways:

  • download and build another bulk file with the new information, if more than a few students.
  • manually enter each new student's information in the online signup box, if only a few.
  • include a link to the Region 6 Newsletter page on your website, with an invitation to sign up.
  • include an invitation to the Region 6 Newsletter in your school's newsletter. An emailed invitation should include a link to the Newsletter page.

Attached below is "Reg6-Newsletter_Signup_Invitation.txt," a downloadable text file that's an example invitation to subscribe. Use it on your website and in your school's newsletter to help drive your students' signups.

Also attached is "Promo_Handout-Subscribe.pdf," a handout to download and print. It helps explain the newsletter and how to sign up to receive issues.

LOGO WTSDA Region 6 Round

Region 6 Director

Master Doug Miller
Miller's North Alabama Tang Soo Do
(256) 412-6906

Region 6 Newsletter Chairperson

Bryan Hix
Life Martial Arts Center
(205) 936-7692