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LMAC ChristmasCard2019 WEB
12/24  Tuesday
No Class
12/26  Thursday
No Class
12/31  Tuesday
Special Class, 6:30pm
New Year's Qi Gong
  • Ancient breathing exercises
  • This is easy!!
  • All students, parents, siblings and friends invited
  • Qi gong - Eight Pieces of Brocade
  • Only one class this night, all students
  • No-dobohk class, wear comfortable clothes


More information about the Eight Pieces of Brocade:


1/2/2020  Thursday
Class (Regular Schedule)



WTSDA Reg62019DanCamp BHix GMStrong JackRodgers
Bryan Hix, Grandmaster Strong, Jack Rodgers
WTSDA Region 6 Black Belt Camp, 6/1/2019

Life Martial Arts Center

Competition Results


World Tang Soo Do Association
2019 Fall Tournament - Region 6
New Orleans, Louisiana
September 7, 2019

All-Ranks ClinicLOGO WTSDA Region 6
Birmingham, AL

8:008:15am – Cardio/Strength Workout – Mr. Matthew Jones
8:158:30am – Stretching – Mr. Bradley Harris
8:308:55am – Bow-In, Welcome, Dan Promotions – Master Miller

Good Sunday afternoon, everyone.

Here's a list of some recent changes in the LMAC MyStudio phone app.  Let me know what you'd like to see included on it.




MyStudio ScreenShot BottomTabs

In the [SHOP] tab at the bottom:


MyStudio ScreenShot CurriculumMaterials

-  Under "Curriculum Materials":   Gup and Dan manuals can be purchased in the app.  Every student receives a Gup manual when they join the WTSDA as a white (or Orange) belt.  And they receive a Dan manual when they earn First Degree Black Belt.  If you loose yours...


MyStudio ScreenShot PatchesTrim

-  Under "Patches, Trim":   Fabric for dobohk trim can be purchased in the app.  When a student earns solid green, brown or red belt, they receive trim for one dobohk.  Gup and Dan uniform fabric can be purchased when dressing out extra uniforms.


MyStudio ScreenShot Sewing

-  Under "Sewing":   Sewing of patches and trim can now be ordered through the app.  Hemming of uniform sleeves and pants can also be ordered.


 Tang Soo!




Good Sunday afternoon, everyone.

This week's schedule:

  • Tuesday 7/2  -  regular classes
  • Thursday 7/4  -  NO CLASS
  • Saturday 7/27 - 4:00-5:30pm  -  gup rank exam, all students

After speaking with several people, most everybody will be spending time with family Thursday.  As it should be.

We will begin summer extra classes soon, working on a schedule now.  A lot is going on with gup rank exams and tournament soon after.  And that Black Belt exam coming up in September...

Speaking of gup rank exams, after evaluating everyone in this past week's classes I believe everyone is ready.  Separate emails will go out for that later.  Saturday, July 27th, 4:00-5:30pm, is the schedule.  The exam process will be tightly scheduled with younger and lower ranks finishing first, and higher ranks continuing through their requirments.

 Tang Soo!


Summer 2019 at the "Hix Dojang" is in full swing!  It's been a challenge but because of smart, patient students and parents it's a success.  We're making adjustments in how we teach and practice and all students are buying in.

In a way, it mirrors the growth of martial arts through history.  The development of ideas and techniques has been, and continues to be, influenced by many factors.  Politics and commerce.  Social norms.  A region's weather patterns.

And geography.  It's generally accepted that the old hyung, that have been shared among martial arts societies over time, reflect the geographic region where they were originally developed and practiced in ancient China.  Hyung from the northern mountainous region were developed in a cooler climate and taught concepts that had to take into account smaller indoor spaces.  (Like the "Hix Dojang!")

The northern and central regions have a cool climate and martial artists did much of their training indoors in limited space.  The Nae Ka Ryu styles focus more on breathing, meditation and health concerns.  They characteristically incorporate stable, slower moves and concentrate on quiet, dynamic power and deliberateness of movement.  The Naihanchi Hyung, Sip Soo, Jion, Shi Shan, Sei Shan and Tae Kuk Kwon are some well known examples of this style of movement.

Traditional Tang Soo Do, Volume II, The Basics.  Oct. 2003.  Pg. 118


6/11/2019  Tuesday  -  no class

6/13/2019  Thursday  -  no class

6/18/2019  Tuesday  -  back to regular schedule



Tang Soo!



Summer classes are set!  I've got everything running and am ready for you to switch over to my system.


It's been a lot of work but worth it; LMAC's MyStudio app is now ready for prime time more than ever.  It's the easiest way for you to manage your account.  Here's the link:


As a way of saying 'thank you,' I'm offering a SUMMER SPECIAL! Package that is a discount on 4 months' prepayed tuition which also includes an LMAC Uniform t-shirt.  Once you set up your account I'll guide you to the correct class if you need where you can take advantage of the special, or choose the month-to-month feature.


This app is very clean and easy to use.  (Of course, I've been living with it for a while.  But it really is easy.)


I don't have the new scheduled times or group descriptions on the website yet but they're in the app.  And I'm segmenting student ages into clearer groups.  Briefly, they are:


Tuesday / Thursday

  • Ages 5 to 6  -  5:30 - 6:15pm  -  Little Dragons

  • Ages 7 to 9  -  5:30 - 6:30pm  -  ADVANCE Martial Arts

  • Ages 10 - 14  -  6:30 - 7:45pm  -  EXTREME Martial Arts

  • Ages 15+, Adult  -  6:30 - 8:00pm  -  LIFE Martial Arts


As always, email, text or call if questions.  Students and their families have always been my honor to serve and help grow.  That will never change.  And I believe this next step for Life Martial Arts Center will allow me to serve each of you even more deeply.


Tang Soo!



Life Martial Arts Center

Competition Results


World Tang Soo Do Association
2019 Spring Tournament - Region 6
Muscle Shoals, Alabama
April 6, 2019

(Alphabetical/Rank Order)

Weapons Hyung
Empty-Hand Hyung
Dalton E
9 Yrs Old

4th Gup




Simon S
10 Yrs Old
4th Gup
Oliver S *
6 Yrs Old
10th Gup

*  Competed after training for only one month!!  Great job, Oliver!!

The first Region 6 spring tournament was a success!  For the region and our school.


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