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The Kidpower Book For Caring Adults

Kidpower Book For Caring Adults

Personal Safety, Self-Protection, Confidence, and Advocacy for Young People

With 20-plus years of martial arts training under my black belt, you'd think I mold my own three children's behavior in a manner that elicits awe and respect from my parent-peers. That I confidently send them out the door as lady and gentlemen, who interact with only ladies and gentlemen, of all ages. Completely confident they can evaluate any questionable encounter and plot their best successful response.

Well, but 'no!'

I sometimes feel fear and concern for their safety like every other caring parent. I care about the wellbeing of other children, whether I know them or not, when I notice them in potentially unsafe situations. In my mind I project future problems between parent and child, if I witness unhealthy behavior.

The first couple of chapters give the "Why" with some statistics, and Chapter Two describes what to expect from teaching and using the author's ideas. It specifically explains to adults how to approach the rest of the book, and ends with a set of "How To" steps.

The rest of the chapters cover Kidpower Tools for Teaching "People Safety" and Kidpower Solutions to "People Safety" Problems. The "How To" steps found throughout make this book a powerful, easy step-by-step, "How To" reference manual.

  • Parent, if you occasionally feel fear and concern for your loved ones, get the book and apply it for yourself and your family. Seriously, you'll forever be glad you did.
  • School Teacher, if you witness rude behavior between your students and wonder if that's what 'they' mean by bullying, read the book and you'll better understand the dynamic and what to do about it. Elevate your teaching to a new level.
  • Martial Arts Instructor (that's me), study it and design (or redesign) your self-defense instruction around it. Use the book as a framework to deeply study and apply the modern-day lessons we should all be teaching our students.

You'll all be doing your family, class, school and community a huge service.

This book is a must-read for all of us who can use help in learning how a child MUST be taught self-defense in our society. It's a step-by-step handbook!

Additional Info

  • Author: Irene Van der Zande
  • Copyright: 2007, 2012
  • Number Pages: 404
  • Age Range: Under 8, 8 to 12, Young Adult, Adult
  • Book Type: Non-Fiction



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