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Saturday, 25 January 2020 11:04

Proven Benefits From "Changing Things Up"

This quick-read article explains why we do some of the different, "crazy" things we do.  It's much more than, for example, changing the way we practice a hyung to keep it from being boring (the common reason I hear for changing it up.  I never change for boredom.)  I approach things differently simply to help us engage in our training and deepen our understanding of the cool things we're learning.

So, when designing an exercise think about how your approach might positively affect you and your students' learning.  When evaluating results, did your idea work the way you thought it would?  Did the class understand and grow toward your purpose?

Remember, your goal and purpose might be for one exercise or an entire class.  But don't stop there.  How about when hosting a clinic?  Strategies for growing toward a purpose might be planned for a month, for several months to the next successful belt rank exam.

To meet their goals and purpose, the best schools plan their curriculum for the entire year!

When planning your classes, how do you align your exercises with our school's purpose?


(Photo - Grayson, from his "Pyung Ahn Chop Dan."  Real engagement, deepening understanding.)




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