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Friday, 07 June 2019 09:30

Summer 2019 Is Off To A Great Start!

Summer 2019 at the "Hix Dojang" is in full swing!  It's been a challenge but because of smart, patient students and parents it's a success.  We're making adjustments in how we teach and practice and all students are buying in.

In a way, it mirrors the growth of martial arts through history.  The development of ideas and techniques has been, and continues to be, influenced by many factors.  Politics and commerce.  Social norms.  A region's weather patterns.

And geography.  It's generally accepted that the old hyung, that have been shared among martial arts societies over time, reflect the geographic region where they were originally developed and practiced in ancient China.  Hyung from the northern mountainous region were developed in a cooler climate and taught concepts that had to take into account smaller indoor spaces.  (Like the "Hix Dojang!")

The northern and central regions have a cool climate and martial artists did much of their training indoors in limited space.  The Nae Ka Ryu styles focus more on breathing, meditation and health concerns.  They characteristically incorporate stable, slower moves and concentrate on quiet, dynamic power and deliberateness of movement.  The Naihanchi Hyung, Sip Soo, Jion, Shi Shan, Sei Shan and Tae Kuk Kwon are some well known examples of this style of movement.

Traditional Tang Soo Do, Volume II, The Basics.  Oct. 2003.  Pg. 118


6/11/2019  Tuesday  -  no class

6/13/2019  Thursday  -  no class

6/18/2019  Tuesday  -  back to regular schedule



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