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No Classes:  Saturday 8/8  -  8/16/2020

Resume All LMAC Activities:  Monday 8/17/2020

Finally.  Too many months with too little breaks caught up to me.  I deeply appreciate everyone's support for my time off.  Everyone, have a great week.  Kids, good luck in your first day of school.

Tang Soo!



Virtual Dojang Electronics WEBLife Martial Arts Center's "Virtual Dojang"

Change can be stressful.  So can the unknown.  Combine both and, well, our entire world is experiencing this.

Three months ago, the unknown aspect was wide and deep.  As the martial arts school owner and person responsible to my students, parents and instructors, my burden was to be relevent to their needs in a stressful and unknown time.  No idea, nothing, was off the table if I thought it would ease their burden.  As far as the martial arts aspect was concerned, I simply hoped they could "tread water," to maintain some semblance of a status quo with their technical ability.  But in reality, I had little idea of how to help them achieve that.  I've watched both kids and us adults struggle with the unprecedented time brought on by this corona virus pandemic and I knew I needed to help them cut through this stress in a meaningful way.

Kiwanis ISV Pancake Auction 2020 pg1 ANGLEKiwanis Club of Indian Springs Village


Pancakes For Playgrounds

Saturday, February 29th, 2020
7:00 - 11:00am
Oak Mountain Elementary School


Breakfast Tickets:  $5 each 

Our community Kiwanis Club is leading the effort to replace worn-out playground equipment at Oak Mountain Elementary School.  Life Martial Arts Center, on behalf of everyone in our school, is proud to contribute to this effort.

In additiBoy Chops Pancakeson to donating $250 as a Silver Sponsor, we are providing two coupons for new students worth $304 each, for the fundraiser's Silent Auction. Every penny from all sponsors and all Auction winning bids goes directly to the playground effort.

I have fond memories of eating Kiwanis pancakes with my family as a kid.  I encourage all our LMAC families to participate in this.  Our auction packages are also a great opportunity for friends who may be interested in martial arts classes to both donate to a great cause and join a wonderful group of people learning Tang Soo Do and growing together!

Tuesday, 2/18 - Thursday, 2/20/2020
During Class


It's time for a Gup Rank Exam again.  Students have been working diligently to polish requirements.

Here's the eligible student list invitation, with the link for fee payment of $40 per exam at the bottom.

This quick-read article explains why we do some of the different, "crazy" things we do.  It's much more than, for example, changing the way we practice a hyung to keep it from being boring (the common reason I hear for changing it up.  I never change for boredom.)  I approach things differently simply to help us engage in our training and deepen our understanding of the cool things we're learning.

So, when designing an exercise think about how your approach might positively affect you and your students' learning.  When evaluating results, did your idea work the way you thought it would?  Did the class understand and grow toward your purpose?

Remember, your goal and purpose might be for one exercise or an entire class.  But don't stop there.  How about when hosting a clinic?  Strategies for growing toward a purpose might be planned for a month, for several months to the next successful belt rank exam.

To meet their goals and purpose, the best schools plan their curriculum for the entire year!

When planning your classes, how do you align your exercises with our school's purpose?


(Photo - Grayson, from his "Pyung Ahn Chop Dan."  Real engagement, deepening understanding.)


LMAC ChristmasCard2019 WEB
12/24  Tuesday
No Class
12/26  Thursday
No Class
12/31  Tuesday
Special Class, 6:30pm
New Year's Qi Gong
  • Ancient breathing exercises
  • This is easy!!
  • All students, parents, siblings and friends invited
  • Qi gong - Eight Pieces of Brocade
  • Only one class this night, all students
  • No-dobohk class, wear comfortable clothes


More information about the Eight Pieces of Brocade:


1/2/2020  Thursday
Class (Regular Schedule)



WTSDA Reg62019DanCamp BHix GMStrong JackRodgers
Bryan Hix, Grandmaster Strong, Jack Rodgers
WTSDA Region 6 Black Belt Camp, 6/1/2019

Life Martial Arts Center

Competition Results


World Tang Soo Do Association
2019 Fall Tournament - Region 6
New Orleans, Louisiana
September 7, 2019

All-Ranks ClinicLOGO WTSDA Region 6
Birmingham, AL

8:008:15am – Cardio/Strength Workout – Mr. Matthew Jones
8:158:30am – Stretching – Mr. Bradley Harris
8:308:55am – Bow-In, Welcome, Dan Promotions – Master Miller
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