Students Age 10 - 13


We practice Life Skills that teach us how to protect. Most importantly, we study Life Skills that teach us how to serve.


The Life Martial Arts Center experience continues for this older group.  It's best described as "fun and physical!"

Expectations remain high.  The pace is faster, the training harder.

These youth are experiencing many changes - and challenges - in their lives.  Our holistic approach to martial arts training will prepare them to meet these challenges with integrity and humility.

Our Life Skills curriculum integrates Personal Safety skillsets into traditional Tang Soo Do training, adjusted for this older group. Your child learns how to avoid problems (using intuition, recognizing inappropriate behavior), how to ask for help (getting past embarrassment to get a busy adult's attention, who isn't really listening), how to handle themselves in an immediate threat (acting confidently when feeling scared and confused), how to cause serious problems for an assailant.

Our real power as martial artists lies in our positive interactions with others; we learn how to encourage - and stand up for - those who need our help. We also practice our positive power in how we live our lives "when no one is looking"; activities we choose, food we eat, how we manage frustrations and anger, are vital Life Skills we practice through our holistic approach to martial arts.


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