Article Submission Guidlines

Article Submission Guidelines

Welcome! Our association, our newsletter. Share your expertise with like-minded martial artists and friends of this publication.

Please follow the Submission Formats as closely as possible. The Guidelines are suggestions on what may work best. The Topics List is a starting point and should not limit creative ideas.

Remember, articles should be written for this newsletter. If an article is being copied from a studio newsletter, we have to be given permission to include it on this website and in this newsletter.

Submission Formats:

  • articles = Rich Text Format (.rtf), Text (.txt)
  • photos = (.jpg, .jpeg), (.png)


  • number of words = 400? Shorter and concise. Longer with relevant, interesting information. Always produce quality over quantity. We can help with that.
  • photo sizing = approximately 800 x 600 pixels (we'll take different sized, unaltered pictures.)
  • photos per submission = no more than two per submission, unless more is needed to help explain the article content. We'll resize original photos to best fit the article layout.

Possible Topics List:

  • studio profile
  • master, instructor profile
  • student, parent profile
  • Black Belt papers, rewritten to fit newsletter format
  • nutrition information
  • training tips
  • personal safety strategies
  • (your idea here)

Publishing Calendar:

January 15th / April 15th / July 15th / October 15th. Newsletters emailed on Thursdays around these dates.

Submit articles by the 5th.

Age-appropriate author name, school, website link, and contact information will be published with each article.

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