ADVANCE Martial Arts - Ages 7-9

Life Martial Arts

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Tuesdays and Thursdays
5:30 - 6:30pm


In our ADVANCE Martial Arts program, martial arts concepts and skills begin to develop.  Students' skills grow in the following areas:


  • PHYSICALLY  -  They begin to show some control over movement, gross motor skills are more precise.  This age responds to a higher expectation with physical exertion.

  • INTELLECTUALLY  -  They begin using Korean commands and technique names.  They also enjoy attempting more complex movements as they learn our traditional Tang Soo Do curriculum.

  • EMOTIONALLY  -  With increasing curriculum demands, we help them stay focused with positive teaching and encouragement.  They experience meeting small mini-goals to reach bigger goals.

  • SOCIALLY  -  Teamwork becomes very important to them.  We foster an atmosphere of inclusion of classmates, and of safety when they fail.



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